Persephone Caramine

Princess, Royal Family of the Caramine Feudate. Now Queen


Prior to the rebellion cycle:

Her Highness, Persephone Caramine, Princess of the Caramine Feudate. Princess Persephone was attending school on Planome’ when she got a message from a family retainer about Duke Stipp’s successful coup. She was able to escape the school with her bodyguards before the death squads arrived. They made their way to the local airfield, where they are trying to make it off planet in disguise, pretending to be one of her schoolmates, and good friend Penelope Tinker.

She is hoping to get to Ompey, where her uncle lives, and then figure out what to do about the Dukes’ betrayal, and find out exactly what happened to her Father the King. He was supposed to be visiting a secure facility on one of the Border worlds.

She is nervous about taking civilian transport, but has with the loyalty of the military in question, she is probably safer traveling this way.

Subsequent to this:

Persephone Caramine

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