Empires and Kingdoms


The Federated Alliance of Autonomous Worlds

The remnants of the old corporate worlds, centered on Sol, have been trying to re-build their former glory ever since they recovered from their fall.

The Federation consists of the roughly hundred or so worlds closest to Sol. They have the most technology from the old republic, and a sense of superiority over the neo-barbarians they consider the rest of the human colonized worlds to be. The Corporations are active in re-establishing trade with systems outside the Alliance, but are slowed by this attitude.

The new Federation is is either on the verge of establishing a new, bright future for its citizens, or falling entirely leaving the big corporation solidly, and visibly in charge.

The Palatine Empire

This is largest empire currently in existence. Intentionally modeled on the structure of the ancient Roman empire by the first Emperor, Romulus I, a former Naval commander and military history buff. The Palatinate has had remarkable success in holding a large empire together, despite communication delays caused by distance and flaky tech. Following the old Roman model of near-autonomous local governors, the Palatinate is a loosely structured empire with regional Governors. Their empire now consists of well over 200 worlds, spread across a large area of known space. Their main weakness is their spread. Bordering a dozen other empires, kingdoms, etc. their resources are spread thin – largely taken up in protecting their borders.


The Caramine Feudate

A small ‘Star Kingdom’ comprised of around 20 star systems, and with influences over another 3 – 4 systems. The nearest neighbors are: The Palatine Empire, The Qom (An Alien Empire, rarely seen), The Alacane, and The Kingdom of Orion.

The Kingdom of Orion

Like the Feudate, Orion is a feudal society. Unlike the Feudate, Orion is a lot more restrictive – they have taken the Feudal concept much further. There is a strong class system, and citizens of a given class may marry only within their class, and their kids are trained in professions suitable for there class.
Most commercial ships are owned by nobles, and a few large families control trade. Small operators have slim pickings, though smuggling is common.

The Orion Kingdom consists of about 12-15 star systems. Its neighbors are The Palatine Empire, The Caramine Feudate, The Satrapy of Granya and the Theocracy.

There is a long history of low-level conflict between Orion and Caramine, the origins of which are long forgotten.

The Alacane

The Alacane is a loose confederation of mostly independent worlds that each contribute money, and people to the Alacane Navy, which is a purely defensive organization.
The worlds of the Alacane have a free-trade agreement with others in the confederation, but often have trade restrictions on trade from outside.

Empires and Kingdoms

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