Lt. JG Aurore Donnadieu

Environmental Systems Engineer, CFN Morrigan - A Naval Corvette


Aurore is Smart, Determined, and Ambitious. She has both street smarts and Naval training.


Aurore was born in the industrial station Paza Bay. Her parents worked in the chemical refineries, leaving her to pretty much raise herself. For awhile, she ran with some of the juvenile gangs that occupied the maintenance spaces, but quickly grew bored with them.

Aurore knew that she was destined for great things, and leading a two-bit gang on a small station wasn’t it. So she got out, learned enough to meet the minimum education requirements to join the Navy. After serving as maintenance technician on a troop transport, she applied for officer training and qualified.

Now a junior officer on a warship, and in charge of its environmental systems. But its only a patrol vessel, and there is a war on. She has her sights set on transfer to a real warship. With a little battle experience, she will have all she needs to go all the way to the to the top.

Lt. JG Aurore Donnadieu

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