Lt. JG Paco Ferguson

Signals Engineer, CFN Morrigan - A Naval Corvette


Paco is a Ugly, Tough, and Strong. A brawler, and a budding engineer.


Paco grew up around the docks on Eleris. Sometimes fishing, sometimes helping repair equipment. Doing whatever it took to stay alive. Paco is a very ugly man, and was teased and bullied often as a child and even as a young adult. This caused him to develop a nasty temper, and the ability to make his tormentors pick on someone else. Eventually, Paco moved from one set of docks to another – helping patch up visiting trade ships, and private yachts. A friend suggested the Navy, but he wasn’t allowed to help out on Naval vessels unless he was Navy himself – so he joined.

Paco has to work hard to keep up with the technical aspects of his job, but he enjoys the work. His temper has gotten him into trouble a few times, especially when on leave, which is why he is the oldest Lt. JG in the Duke’s Navy.

Lt. JG Paco Ferguson

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