Lt. JG Jet Huang

Weapon Systems Engineer, CFN Morrigan - A Naval Corvette


Jet is a small, quick man with something of a checkered past. Still greedy enough to get into trouble when on leave.


Jet was born and raised on Grommel – “No more wretched hive of scum and villainy exists within the kingdom”. He ended up emigrating to Biiqueris by not getting caught stealing from a ship – when it needed to make a quick exit. The crew discovered him in flight, had a good laugh, and dumped him at the next planet.

No matter, Jet knew how to take care of himself, and before long, was doing alright. But while Jet is an OK thief, he is not a perfect thief. Eventually a judge gave him the choice of Enlistment or Prison.

Jet thrived in the Navy, and by hard work even made the jump to Officer, where he is now Weapons Systems Engineering specialist.

Lt. JG Jet Huang

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